“A magic dwells in each beginning.”

(Hermann Hesse)

The Lessons of Essenza KlassikK

In the studio of Essenza KlassikK you will receive private music lessons in the subjects of voice (classical singing), piano and performance training. Each student is individually trained according to her or his goals.

My work includes the artistic education of children, teenagers and adults, music-loving amateurs and professional musicians. In addition to the instrumental lessons, you can take advantage of further lessons in the subjects performance training and music theory.

In the concern to pass on those contents of classical music:

The beauty, variety and intensity of this genre are unknown to many. Classical music enhances sensitivity, calmness, imagination, profundity, self-confidence and certainly much more.

I teach from the perspective of a musician and artist. Music is art that directs our view to the beautiful, the necessary. Aesthetics as a fine-tuning of the inner world, which thus sharpens my eye for everything that surrounds me.

The Magic at the Beginning

The effect that music has on me when I self play and to discover what I can do here with others is incredibly exciting and beautiful.

How do I create an intensive sound experience?

There’s a special, mysterious power in music. That’s my energy.

It is important to find the essential beyond perfection. Perfection can drive you, but it can also hold you back. What now?

When you connect with the music, you are free and can play very relaxed. Mistakes do not interest me. Not even the listener, because he enjoys the sound.

It’s quite simple. When I have the courage to believe in myself, the openness to give my full attention to every note and the audacity to let go of all pretension to a perfect result, it works!

Maybe not immediately and not always the same, if it has worked before, but – “practice makes perfect”.

Metamorphosis to Permanence

The challenge: to create the same thing over and over new again. Neither routine nor vanities can embrace me like this. Fearless is the open heart.

An encounter with music should not be trivial. What is it that counts?

I’m looking for the source – when practicing, in the music, with my instrument or with the audience.

All good things, the beauty and the ability are present in me. I just need to see it. The pleasure is not in the sound, but ….. ?