"Only he who burns himself can kindle fire in others."



Qualified soprano and music pedagogue, freelance work out of sheer enthusiasm.

In love with creativity, fulfilled by music, with unceasing joy for my students.

Growing up in a family of musicians (Staatsoper Berlin), music has accompanied me since my early childhood.

I received ballet training from the age of three. My instrumental training began at the age of six on the violin and piano, later on the flute. With attending the music-oriented primary school ‘Richard Wagner’ in Berlin, I was able to gain my first solo experiences in the children’s choir.

I spent many evenings at the opera. Due to my family connection I experienced numerous opera, ballet and concert performances very closely.

This was followed by classical vocal education and studies in opera singing (voice as main subject, piano as second instrument as minor subject) at the Hochschule für Musik ‘Hanns Eisler’ Berlin with KS Prof. Carola Nossek, Prof. Brenda Mitchell as well as Prof. Norma Sharp.

Many thanks to photo artist Antje Kröger – Antje Kröger Photographie, Leipzig.


Music fascinates and inspires me ceaselessly in all its facets.

On my way to become a singer, I met different teachers over many years. In doing so, I have experienced numerous teaching methods, so that I have been able to gain a wide range of knowledge about the different teaching styles.

Out of my experiences, which I have made with all of them, and of course above all out of what I have learned from them, my knowledge emerges.

I perceive music as an essence of our being. Through it it’s possible to enter that sphere which neither can be spoken about nor reported in any other way.

It is my concern to create music that has something to transmit. Music that awakens others by giving it a content and telling a story. In this way I can paint a picture like a painter and find out that I have unlimited possibilities withal.